Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Orders

Quite probably yes, but we are only allowed to list and sell miniatures that I have a license from the sculptor to do so. If you have files that you've purchased, definitely shoot us a message, and we can see what can be done. 

most of our miniatures come in at 32mm scale, which is the height to the eyelevel of a standard humanoid miniature. We can always scale down for free, scaling up we can do but it needs to be done through a custom order to account for the extra time/material costs.

We can print QUITE big, and are generally only limited by the odd model with big sweeping wings or an awkward layout. 

Exact miniature scale can vary a ton from sculptor to sculptor, but generally speaking most systems will use 28mm or 32mm (often interchangably).

If your looking for consistency, the big thing is to aim for a similar scale for human sized models. Almost Everything we sell is at 32mm scale is it represents most modern game systems.

32mm scale represents the eye level height of a standard human sized model. A miniature of 32mm height will be 32mm tall, regardless of what actual scale its in.

Printing Process

All of our miniatures are printed in UV resin and are intended to be painted by the buyer. We are constantly trying new resins and custom blends to improve on print detail and strength so what you get may change from order to order.

Generally speaking we print in a light grey, but have done everything from translucent blue/grey to black depending on both availability and what we determine to be our favorite resin at the time.

Our priority has always been on durability and print quality. 

There are some differences between a 3d printed miniature and one from a sprue, but they are very minor.

-On very large flat surfaces, you can occasionally see some rippling due to the printing process, but these should not be visible once the model is primed and painted.

-As far as cleanup is concerned, there will occasionally be small dots where support material was previously attached to the model. These can be cleaned up with a file or hobby knife.

-There are no mold lines on a 3d printed miniature, which is a huge positive for cleanup.

Incredibly. Obviously nothing is bulletproof, but we are always experimenting with new custom blends of resin that allow for drop protection and bendability of small parts. Our current blend prioritizes impact resistance while still maintaining print quality.

If you've had prior experience with fragile resin parts, know that we use these miniatures for our wargaming as well. The last thing we want is for a painted model to explode when it falls of a table.


All our orders ship out the door bubble-wrapped and tight so that they do not bounce around in transit. If something unexpected happens on-route, please contact us and we can sort something out. 

All of out miniatures are printed to order, and could take up to 14 days to head out the door. Depending on our queue, it may make it out the door much sooner, but this time-frame is to accommodate for surges as well as unexpected issues that may pop up with our printers.