Brunt Sky Coach - Arcane Minis

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This insane miniature is one great project. The main pieces of the hull, will be printed in PLA+, while the various pieces are printed in our Premium High end resin for strength and detail.

There will be some major assembly required, but we stand by our prints and will do a test fit out the door.


This model comes unpainted in the color selected. If you would like a more exotic material or color, shoot us a message and We'd be happy to help!

This amazing sculpt from Arcane Minis is printed at 0.2mm layer height, in PLA+. We find this layer height gives us a great blend of strength and detail, and PLA+ gives us more strength and temperature resistance than plain PLA.

For out basic terrain, we list black, and grey as out primary colors. We find that these work extremely well, as they take a primer well. Drybrushing works extremely well on them, but go nuts with your technique!

If you select "surprise me", we'll take it to mean that you really don't care what you get. If we're in the mood, maybe you'll get something fancy, or multiple colors. At a minimum though, it will be a High Quality filament that we stand behind.


As with any other Filament 3d-print, there will be some layer lines visible, and some small imperfections may be found. We do however strive to tune our printers, and stand behind the strength and quality of our prints.

These 3d prints are not Toys, and may break with rough handling. We've tuned our settings to increase strength where possible, but small pieces can still break if handled Roughly


This Model has been designed by Arcane Minis. We have a full commercial license from them. Their work is fantastic and you can find more information on how to support them as well as purchase the files to print your self here: