Halloween Mystery Miniatures Box

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Were excited about Halloween and love it when people get excited about it too!

This Halloween themed bundle comes with 5-6 Miniatures at minimum, and we aim to make it as aggressively thematic as we can.

Might have Pumpkins, Skeletons, Vampires, Frankenstein's, or other assortment of spooky minions for your next campaign!

These mini's come from a variety of sculptors , with most ranging from 28mm-32mmm scale.


Our models are currently printed In a light grey damage resistant resin. This may change order by order depending on our inventory, as we are always striving to improve on the durability and quality of our prints.

Unless specifically shown with a unique sculpted base, our miniatures do not come with a base. As they are usable in any game system, we do not want to add unnecessary waste to your order. Bases can be purchases seperately through our "bases and terrain" category.


Goose Minis models are printed at a 0.025mm layer height which results in an extremely fine quality. Unlike standard 3d printers, resin printing allows for an extremely high level of detail resulting in prints with near invisible layers. This means that they are very comparable to any cast miniature you would find from a traditional manufacturer. All our models are properly washed and cured to ensure the best possible print quality, as well as made with more damage resistant resins to hold up to use while gaming

All models are shipped unpainted and unprimed. There may be some marks to clean from the printing process, such as small dots from supports generated during their creation. All Multipiece minisatures are test fit to ensure scale acuracy and fit, but in some instances a small amount of filing may need to be done in order to get the absolute best quality fit

Very large models may be shipped in multiple parts in order to ensure safe shipping. These can be attached together with any usual hobby glue such as super glue.


These miniatures come from a variety of sculptors that we love. To see more of their great minis, you can check them out on our site.